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March 2021

Sea Cargo Freight Tips

Important Sea Cargo Tips That You Should Use

Shipping cargo overseas can be a very difficult process. If you are using a large company, with the very best ships in the industry, you must feel confident about their ability to ship your merchandise. It’s also important for you to have made all of the right decisions when choosing a business that can offer you this type of service. Shipping internationally can be problematic, from paperwork problems to not having enough protection for your merchandise as it is traveling for many days or even weeks. If you are using a worldwide parcel delivery service, here are tips that you can use to ensure your merchandise will arrive safe and sound.

Prepare Your Goods Properly

The protection of your merchandise is of vital importance. As it is being moved from place to place, it can encounter potentially damaging situations. It is important for you to package everything with the proper protection, and they should be stackable at the very least. When they are being handled by people, such as with a forklift, you need to know that everything will be protected and secure. This includes tilting that can occur when merchandise is being moved, or even the gentle or sometimes rigorous sway of the ocean as it moves the ship.

Use The Right Type Of Boxes

The packaging that you use should be either with reinforced parcel boxes or some type of a double-walled form of protection. A couple layers of corrugated cardboard can be very useful, plus it will not weigh that much which can help save you money. Always label the goods that you are shipping properly, especially if what you are shipping can be fragile. Finally, with larger items, consider using pallets, or even crates, that can provide optimal protection.

Internal Packaging Tips

Protecting the exterior of your items is just part of the process. If you have multiple boxes that are stacked together, it’s important that you are using the H taping method. This will ensure that if one of the sides is affected, it will not affect the other. Using sturdy boxes is also of vital importance, along with the quality of the tape you are using.

Make Proper Measurements Regarding Size And Weight

Finally, prior to the shipment, always double check the actual size of your merchandise once it is stacked, and also how much it will weigh. These measurements are very important as limited space is often available on the ships, despite their large size. They will be moving hundreds of other items in most cases, all of which will be around the items that you are shipping. That’s why measurements are so important, along with the packaging that you do that can protect the items you are sending.

Once you have done all of your measurements, and have packaged everything properly, the last thing to consider is the paperwork. You need to make sure that everything is properly signed, filed, and that it specifically states where your merchandise is going. By doing these last-minute vital checks, you can feel confident that everything you are shipping will arrive at the proper location. Additionally, when it does arrive, you will also know that it will be in good shape because you have done your packaging properly.